Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

for the journal


the free on-line open source journal of geometry

Originality and language

Submission of a manuscript acknowledges that the manuscript is original and   is not, in whole or in part, published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is understood also that the manuscript will not be submitted elsewhere while under consideration for publication in this journal.

Articles in GJARCMG are in English language.


Authors are encouraged to use LaTeX and the standard article class. Initial uploads should normally be in PDF format; after the refereeing process we will ask you to submit all source material (tex file and the figures files). We would ask you, however, to avoid the use of non-standard macros which may make the work of the typesetters more difficult.

Peer Review Process

After reaching the Editor in chief, each manuscript is sent to the referee (s). After the Peer Review Process the paper is accepted (or not) to be published in our journal. Authors should note that a manuscript may be edited for readability and for compliance with the style of our journal. The galley proofs are usually sent to the authors.

Required items

A short abstract of about 150 words or less must be included. It should be self-contained and not make any reference to the bibliography. Also required are keywords and subject classifications (AMS classification) for the article, and, for each author, postal address, affiliation (if appropriate), and email address if available. A home-page URL is optional. In case there are several co-authors, one author for correspondence should be clearly indicated.


Bibliographical references should be complete. The references should be in alphabetic order. All references in the bibliography should be cited in the text.



Figures must be of publication quality. After acceptance, you will need to submit the original source files in vector graphics format for all diagrams in your manuscript: vector EPS or vector PDF files are the most useful.


There are not any publications fees.

Manuscripts should be sent to the editor in chief:

We look forward to receive your articles\research papers

With warm regards, Dr. Pișcoran Laurian — editor in chief of GJARCMG